Handmade and made-to-measure boat engine covers giving your boats engine total protection, even during navigation. Coprimotore, creating functional and elegant covers all in one product.


Coprimotore sources the highest quality, certified materials to ensure your boat cover resists the elements and remains intact for years to come. Our hand-crafted line of equisite engine covers are created invividually to ensure your engine receives the greatest protection.

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Coprimotore custom motor covers keep your engine running like new ensuring its value doesn’t diminish over time. Our motor covers conceal scratches and wear on engines. They give total protection during navigation and to top it all off, they give an obvious touch of class that makes you stand out in the boating world.


Boat lovers are distinguished people, they are only satisfied with the best. Handmade and made-to-measure are the watchwords to dress your engine to the best of your ability. With Coprimotore motor covers you stand out from the crowds, as well as in the water. Choose only the best for your outboard motor!



Filippo B.


Materiali fantastici e attenzione ai particolari. Unici.

Tim S.
Kent – UK

Mercury engine covers x 2

Great communications during the order and delivery process. The product is well made and looks fabulous on my engines. I recommend to you for engine protection and elegant looks.

Luca C.


Ottimo materiale e finiture perfette. Sembra nato col vestito 😄 davvero complimenti.


01. Cut

We cut the fabric on the basis of paper patterns that we have created and perfected over time.

02. Assembly

We assemble and sew the various pieces to make your engine cover unique. The last step is to position the vents and, for the newer models, to test their fit.

03. Graphic Customizations

Once finished we print your details and send a final confirmation of the personalization. So we will be sure to satisfy all your wishes.

04. Packaging

After making sure that the model is perfect, we carefully put it in your box and proceed with the shipment.

05. Shipment

After making your motor cover with care and passion, it’s time to take action. Your engine cover is ready to arrive home.


Linda Dei Rossi

I was born in Burano, a small island of fishermen in the Venice lagoon. My mother worked lace and she passed on to me the passion for sewing, in general I have always liked doing small manual jobs. At the age of twenty I decided to move and I moved to the Lido of Venice where I started work- ing in the restaurant business. This is where I met Alvise and, in 2005, we made the decision to move to the mainland. The passion for the sea has always been strong and it was the thing I missed the most since we were on the mainland. Alvise, then bought a boat and brought me closer to the world of boating This is where my great passion for fishing was born.Al- vise is often away for work and so I decided to resume my great passion for tailoring by attending courses. One day at sea the great idea: why not merge my passion for tailoring with that for boating?

Alvise Girotto

I was born and raised on the Lido of Venice. I don’t even remember when my passion for the sea was born; I had a happy childhood: I was on the beach all day from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. In addition to the sea, I have always had a passion for flying and the dream of being a pilot. After graduating in accounting I found my first job in a glass factory in Venice and from here I took the ball and with the first savings I took the first courses to become a pilot (the first at the Lido of Venice, then in Milan and finally in America). I took my last commercial pilot license in 2003 and then I started working professionally in 2007. First job as a private jet pilot in Russia in Moscow. After that I worked for 10 years in Raynair and now I am a captain in Easyjet in Majorca base.


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